Roof Coating Philadelphia, PA

The Economical Alternative

Roof coatings are polymer-based liquid compounds that are directly sprayed or rolled on your existing roof. Applied correctly, they create a leak-proof, seamless membrane that protects your roof from numerous natural and man-made forces of destruction.  It is their ability to provide such protection at a fraction of the cost and annoyance of roof replacement that makes them most alluring. For first-rate roof coating in Philadelphia, PA, call Capital Coating, Inc. at 717-442-0979.

Industry studies make disturbing revelations. Building owners and operators spend a whopping $1 billion annually on premature roof replacements. This is caused by neglecting routine inspections and maintenance which leads to large costly repairs. Once an inspection and repair is necessary, they panic and hire unethical roofing contractors who push them into replacing roofs although cheaper options are available.

Don’t be fooled; contact Capital Coatings, Inc. We are available at 717-442-0979 and Roof coatings usually eliminate the need for replacements.

Maximizing the Coatings Advantage

Contact Capital Coatings, Inc. has 20+ years experience in using market-leading products and employing top-class roofing professionals to deliver exemplary roofing services that guarantee customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that we hold A+ accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Applied correctly, roof coatings can add 10-20 years of healthy life to your roof. When you call Capital Coatings, Inc. at 717-442-0979 for roof coating in Philadelphia, PA, you choose a contractor who will go above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes. The free inspection we offer is only the start.

All roofing projects of Capital Coating, Inc. begin and end with a roofing inspection. The first one determines your roof’s needs and the second one checks if these needs are correctly met. In between these, we follow a three-step roof coating process:

  • Thorough Roof Cleaning
  • Expert Application of Coating
  • Discuss Routine Maintenance

Roof coatings:

  • Add years, even decades of life to your roof
  • Prevent roof replacement that is at least twice as expensive
  • Shield against leaks, thunderstorms, hurricanes, pouring rains, snow, blizzards, high winds, fire, storms, impact, vermin, insects, and what not
  • Save a maximum 30% of annual HVAC energy expenses
  • Minimize maintenance costs and worries
  • Qualify you for tax concessions

Standing Tall & Strong

Roof coatings are applied on diverse roofing substrates including Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), Metal, Single-Ply, Built-Up, EPDM Rubber, and Modified Bitumen.  Capital Coating Inc. is proud to provide flawless roof coatings to any type of commercial roofing system in Philadelphia, PA. Call us today at 717-442-0979 and we will provide an immediate and free roofing inspection.