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Capital Coating, Inc. is a specialist for flat roof repair in Baltimore, MD as well as the northeastern states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. Call us today at 717-442-0979 if you think your commercial flat roof needs repair.

In a way, the term flat roof is a misnomer because flat roofs are not exactly flat. They have a slight slope of about 100. Such low slope means flat roofs are hard pressed to drain away water. The most definitive sign of a flat roof needing repair is ponding water i.e. water that stagnates on the roof and does not drain away 48 hours after it has stopped raining. Damaged flat roofs are more prone to ponding water and the related issues of leaks and structural weakening.

This can be a problem in the northeast where torrential downpours are fairly regular. When you call on the experts at Capital Coating, Inc., you won’t have to worry about a thing with your flat roof, leaking or not. For over 20 years now, we have taken roofing responsibilities off our client’s shoulder and enabled them to focus on running their business.

Capital Coating, Inc.: Thorough & Courteous

Over our two decades of experience, we have compiled a list of common roofing issues:

  • Ponding Water
  • Leaks
  • Cracks and Tears
  • Trapped Moisture
  • Torn Membrane
  • Membrane Shrinkage
  • Trapped Debris
  • Blisters and Punctures
  • Blow-Offs

If you notice any of these on your flat roof, do not hesitate to call us at 717-442-0979. Capital Coating, Inc. offers expert flat roof repair in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas.

Our highly trained and experienced roofing professionals are armed with the latest roofing technology and the incisive vision to identify invisibly minor defects that, if left untreated, can expand into major headaches.

When you call us, we first listen to what you have to say of the roofing issues. Thereafter, our personnel conduct a free inspection to determine what problems your roof is facing.  Based on the inspection, we provide an estimate on the necessary repairs after explaining the issue to you. Our roofing personnel are always courteous and never push you into making hasty, expensive decisions. We work to save our customers money and will never recommend any unnecessary roofing services.

Minimize Stress, Maximize Returns

Capital Coating, Inc. is in the business of building and nurturing relationships based on the good old fashioned values of customer delight, top-class products, efficient and courteous service, and great attention to detail.

For flat roof repair in Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding areas, call us today at 717-442-0979. We guarantee complete satisfaction!