Commercial Roof Maintenance

Your commercial roof is a crucial asset for your business. It is important to keep it properly functioning at all times. The reason for this is because repairs can be costly and can cause disruptions to your business. By utilizing scheduled roof inspections and roof maintenance programs, you can detect issues early and save money on your commercial roof’s expenses. As a full-service roofing company in the Northeast, Capital Coating, Inc. provides this service for our clientele. We understand that our customers have made a sizeable investment for their business with their roofing asset and we strive to make sure this asset is protected and effectively maintained. We offer a vast selection of tailored maintenance programs. No roof is the same and because of this we will assist you in creating the perfect program to get your roof back on track and performing at peak performance rates.

Creating your maintenance plan immediately is something we suggest to all business owners. Once your roof starts experiencing issues, it can be more difficult to handle. We know that most building owners have a lot on their minds and that maintaining their roof may be the last thing they are concerned about. However, one leak can cause an immense amount of damage to your roof if not dealt with in a timely manner. In fact, industry studies show that roofs that neglect roof maintenance last for half of their expected lifespans. Without roof maintenance, you cannot detect roofing issues before they cause chaos on your roof and building.

Professional and Thorough Roof Inspections

Capital Coating, Inc. offers detailed inspections that are aimed to prevent any issues before they occur. We’re completely honest with our services and we’ll be right beside you throughout the entire roofing process. Throughout these inspections, we will:

  • Examine rivets, bolts, or anything that has the possibility of becoming loose.
  • Evaluate seams and layers where water could slip through.
  • Investigate low points in your roof where water can pool.
  • Trace any areas of your roof that show signs of movement.
  • Closely inspect every square foot of your roof for damage or debris.
  • Eliminate all debris that we discover on your roof.
  • Check that all your rooftop units are properly secured.
  • Test the functionality of every rooftop component.

We strive to make all our customers comfortable with the procedures and services we provide. Our tailored maintenance programs can be established for the amount of times you prefer we inspect your roof. Several of our customers select to preschedule once or twice a year inspections for the length of their maintenance programs.

Don’t Wait for Damage to Strike!

If you’re waiting until cracks or leaks occur, you could already be too late. Avoid costly expenses such as:

  • Extensive repair work
  • Full roof replacement
  • Interior damage repairs
  • Disposal and landfill fees
  • Expensive material and labor for repair work

You can prevent these with a scheduled commercial roof maintenance program. Our staff has the experience to assist you in crafting the perfect maintenance program for your roofing asset. With some strategic planning today, you can prevent huge issues in the future. Capital Coating, Inc. is here to help.

To discuss a roof maintenance program with one of our representatives, call us today at (717) 442-0979. We’re ready to schedule a professional roof inspection for you!