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Prepping & Painting an Operating Dust Removal System at a Metal Foundry

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Before - Prepping & Painting an Operating Dust Removal System
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During - Prepping & Painting an Operating Dust Removal System
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After - Prepping & Painting an Operating Dust Removal System

When a metal foundry discovered that the substrate on their dust-removal system and bag house were rusting, management recognized the need for immediate action. However, they also knew that in view of their production commitments, they would be unable to accommodate any downtime. The challenge was finding a firm that was able to make the repairs prepare the substrate and apply the coating while the foundry was up and running. To meet this challenge, Capital Coating, Inc. designed a unique paint system that allowed us to do all of the necessary work on the substrate - while that substrate was at a constant 400°F. We did the project surveying, design/build, media and crushed-glass blasting, pressure washing, paint removal and regular and high-reach painting while the metal foundry was operating at full capacity. We used our 60' and 80' lifts as well as our 200' crane to reach the necessary heights, applying specialized heat-resistant, high-performance and epoxy paints.

Capital Coating completed this demanding and highly-specialized paint project for our York, Pennsylvania client in four weeks. The metal foundry client appreciated both the end results and final bill and as result, this project was the beginning of what has become an ongoing relationship.

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Highlights of this Prep and Painting Project

Product Description We prepped and painted a dust collection system and bag house for a metal foundry
Prep & Painting Capabilities & Applied/Processes
Project Survey
Media Blasting
Pressure Washing
Crushed Glass Blasting
Paint Removal
High Reach Painting
Equipment Used
200' Crane
60' Lift
80' Lift
Swing Stages
Paint Sprayers
Manual Painting Tools
Products Worked With
High Heat, High Performance Paint
Epoxy Paint
Components Repainted Dust Collection System
Bag House
Industry for Use Metal Foundry
Turnaround Time 4 Weeks
Delivery Location York, Pennsylvania
Standards Met Customer Specifications
Project Name Painting of Dust Collection System and Bag House

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