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Roof Restoration of a Manufacturing Facility

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Before - Roof Restoration of a Manufacturing Facility
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During - Application of Roof Coating
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After - Completed Roof Coating

An established manufacturer had a massive 200,000 sq. ft. facility comprised of numerous buildings with 23 different roof styles and structures. The variety of roof structures caused structural issues that caused multiple flashing and waterproofing problems. After receiving a very high quote from another contractor, who was committed to brand new roofs that would require that the manufacturer stop all production, they turned to Capital Coating, Inc.

After inspecting and surveying the roofs, our resident experts designed a unique system for each of the 23 roof types. Our innovative, creative approach, expertise and experience allowed us to avoid both tear-offs and new construction which allowed us to meet the customer's budgetary constraints, while also providing the necessary quality, longevity, renewability, and aesthetics. We were able to complete emergency repairs in two weeks. Upon Capital Coating's completion of the first roof, we were retained as the sole roofing contractor. A cost-benefit analysis proved that the customer will save money over the roofs' lifespan, particularly in view of the no-dollar limit, 10-year warranty.

To learn more about our innovative solutions to this unique and challenging project, please see below or give us a call.

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Highlights of this Large Scale Roof Repair Project

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Site Survey
Roof Restoration
Surface Preparation
High Pressure Washing
  • 10 Years
  • No Dollar Limit
Size of Roof 200,000+ Square Feet
Products Worked With
Acrylic/Elastomeric Coating
Urethane Coating
Reinforced Fabric Mat
Product Features
Fluid Applied
Fully Reinforced
Fully Seamless
Full Adhered
Waterproof Membrane
Industry for Use Manufacturing
Turnaround Time Emergency Repair 2 Weeks
Delivery Location Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Standards Met Customer Specifications
Project Name Emergency Leak Repair to Roof/Roof Restoration

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