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Repairing & Restoring Feed Mill's Fire-Damaged Roof & Storage Bins

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Before - Repairing & Restoring a Feed Mill Fire Damaged Roof
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During - Repairing & Restoring a Feed Mill Fire Damaged Roof
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After - Repairing & Restoring a Feed Mill Fire Damaged Roof

Capital Coating, Inc. was contracted with the repair and restoration of a fire-damaged roof for a feed mill client in the agricultural industry. The project required that the roof be rebuilt, which included all of the prep work, such as the sand and media blasting, pressure-washing, paint removal and painting. To ensure the necessary durability, resilience and exterior finish, we used spray polyurethane foam, a silicone coat and a high-performance paint coat. To successfully complete the high-reach painting on the storage bins and grain elevators, we used our specialized swing stages and 110' lift as required. We completed the project; start to finish, for our client in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in four weeks.

Additional details are included below. We look forward to providing the repair and restoration services that you require.

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Fire-Damaged Feed Mill Repair and Restoration Project Highlights

Product Description We repaired the fire damaged roof of a feed mill, including high reach painting of storage bins and a grain elevator
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Project Survey
Sand and Media Blasting
Pressure Washing
Paint Removal
High Reach Painting
Equipment Used
110' Lift
Swing Stages
Media Blasting System
Pressure Washers
Roof Coating Sprayers
Paint Sprayers
Manual Painting Tools
Products Worked With
Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)
Silicone Coating
High Performance Paint Coating
Industry for Use Agricultural
Turnaround Time 4 Weeks
Delivery Location Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Standards Met Customer Specifications
Project Name Repair and Restoration of Fire Damaged Roof

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