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Capital Coating Provides all Kinds of Biodegradable Blasting Services
November 29, 2012 — Capital Coating, Inc., in Kinzers, PA, provides only biodegradable media for surface preparation. We can provide blasting services using Baking Soda, Sand, Crushed Glass, Corn Cobs, Pumice or Walnut Shells. We provide wet and micro-abrasive, wheel, hydro and bristle blasting services. Applications include graffiti removal, rust and oxidation removal, fire and smoke damage, piping and tank preparation. Industries served include agricultural, architectural, churches, commercial, construction...    >> Read Full Article

Capital Coating Announces its New Website
November 29, 2012 — Capital Coatings. In Kinzers, Pa has developed a new website to better demonstrate their capabilities ( We have included case studies illustrating specific examples of our work as well as the ability to request a quote for your convenience. Our capabilities include Industrial & Commercial Liquid Membrane Roof Coating Restoration Services, Painting Services and Surface preparation. We provide painting, waterproofing and roof coating services to Industrial, Commercial... >>Read Full Article