Capital Coating, Inc.
Services & Capabilities Quality Industrial &
Commercial Waterproof Roof
Coating Services
Commercial & Residential
Surface Preparation &
Cleaning Services
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Painting Services
Example Projects Repair & Restoration of a
Fire Damaged Roof
Industrial Painting of a Dust
Collection System
Commercial Roof
Restoration of a
Manufacturing Facility
Restoration of a Ballasted

Example Commercial, Industrial & Residential Roofing Project Examples

Capital Coating, Inc., a provider of quality industrial painting and roofing services for a variety of applications. We deliver innovative cost saving solutions to the most challenging coating, painting, and roofing issues. Here are just a few examples of the value added services that we provide every day.

Repairing & Restoring a Feed Mill Fire Damaged RoofRepair & Restoration of a Fire-Damaged Roof More >>   After - Prepping & Painting an Operating Dust Removal SystemIndustrial Painting of a Dust Collection System More >>
After - Completed Roof CoatingCommercial Roof Restoration of
a Manufacturing Facility
 More >>
  After - Finished Coating ApplicationRestoration of a Ballasted EPDM Roof More >>