Rubber Roof Repair Baltimore, MD

Rubber roofing, also known as EPDM roofing, is a commercial roof coating often chosen for its durability and all-weather qualities. However, like any type of roof, a rubber roof will eventually develop problems. When you need rubber roof repair near Baltimore, MD, you can trust Capital Coating to get the job done right! We’ve been […]

Roof Coating Baltimore, MD

If your commercial roof is showing evidence of problems, does that mean you must replace it? Not necessarily. There is another option that may be able to address all of your roof problems and restore your roof to like-new condition without the expense and headaches of a full replacement. It’s called a roof coating, and […]

Roof Coating Philadelphia, PA

Two of the most dreaded, anxiety-inducing words for a building owner are “roof replacement.” Not only is replacing a roof a huge expense, but it can greatly disrupt business operations as the work is being done. When building owners notice evidence of roof problems, it can be easy for them to feel stressed and assume […]

Flat Roof Repair Philadelphia, PA

Flat roofs are commonly found on commercial and industrial buildings—and they tend to develop a common set of problems as time passes. When these issues arise and you need flat roof repair in the Philadelphia, PA, area, you can count on the team at Capital Coating to do a quality job and restore your roof […]

Metal Roof Repair Philadelphia, PA

Metal roofs can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance.  They can also stand tall against 140-mph winds! It’s no wonder metal roofs cover about 60 billion square feet of roofing across the country. Although they have some major benefits, they’re not a set it and forget it roof system.  Rusting is a major […]

Rubber Roof Repair Philadelphia, PA

EPDM – A Popular Roofing Choice Rubber is perhaps the most durable roofing material, for it can last for a lifetime of 50 years with minimal but proper maintenance! It is for this reason that you will find it protecting numerous buildings throughout the United States. However, like all other roofing substrates, no matter how […]

Flat Roof Replacement Philadelphia, PA

Roof Replacement?  No need to stress! It’s true what they say, all good things must come to an end.  This includes your commercial flat roof.  No matter how well-maintained your roofing asset may be, eventually it will reach the end of its expected lifespan.  Although this might cause worry, don’t fret.  The professionals at Capital […]

Roof Inspection Philadelphia, PA

Protecting ‘Everything Under the Roof’ At Capital Coating, Inc. all roofing projects begin and end with a roof inspection. The first examines the roofs condition to identify the repair requirements while the second one ensures that all needs have been met. That is the supreme importance of roof inspections. Capital Coating, Inc. is a full […]

Flat Roof Repair Baltimore, MD

Satisfaction Guaranteed Capital Coating, Inc. is a specialist for flat roof repair in Baltimore, MD as well as the northeastern states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. Call us today at 717-442-0979 if you think your commercial flat roof needs repair. In a way, the term flat roof is a misnomer because flat roofs […]

Metal Roof Repair Baltimore, MD

Build to Last Metal roofs can last for a lifetime of 40-50 years with minimal but proper upkeep! For awesome metal roof repair in Baltimore, MD, call Capital Coating, Inc. at 717-442-0979. Armed with 20+ years experience in delivering fabulous commercial, industrial, and residential roofing services in northeastern United States, Capital Coating, Inc. completes even […]