Commercial Roofing

Single-Ply Roofing Moon, PA

Single-ply roofing is the choice of most flat roof business owners due to its affordability and durability. Single-ply roofing can be applied to almost any roofing surface and is quick and easy to install. Capital Coating repairs, restores, and replaces all types of single-ply roofing in Moon, PA. Give us a call today to schedule […]

Rubber Roof Repair Moon, PA

While it’s essential that your rubber roof stays in optimal condition, it’s not always apparent whether your rubber roof needs repairs or not. Rubber roofs are strong and durable and can last for 30 years or more, but your rubber roof will require maintenance, and possibly repairs, from time to time. When you need rubber […]

Roof Maintenance Moon, PA

Your commercial flat roof can last a long time providing protection for your building and keeping everything in it safe and dry. Whether your roof is metal, single-ply, or spray foam, taking care of your flat roof through roof maintenance in Moon, PA is one of the best ways to extend the life of your […]

Roof Leak Detection Moon, PA

Roof leaks cost building owners thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement every year. Preventing leaks is key, but when a leak does occur, you can help your contractor track down your leak by having a few facts on hand for them when they arrive. If you need roof leak detection in Moon, PA, call […]

Roof Inspection Moon, PA

Everyone knows that leaks can cause immense damage to your commercial roof. But it’s often the secondary damages that cost you the most and do the most harm. Delaying your roof inspection can cause interior damages to your structure, loss of profits during downtime, and costly and unnecessary replacement. If you don’t know when the […]

Roof Coating Moon, PA

Around the globe, scientists have noticed an alarming phenomenon. The areas around cities have a higher temperature than the rural areas just outside of the city. This temperature difference has far-reaching effects and is causing rising air-conditioning costs, increasing smog, and even changing weather patterns! Business owners around the world are doing their part to […]

Flat Roof Replacement Moon, PA

Some flat roof replacements could have been avoided and others could not. While there are things that you can do to prevent flat roof replacement, there are others that are simply out of your hands. Learning what you can do to help prevent roof replacement in the future can save you time and money. Learning […]

Flat Roof Repair Moon, PA

Flat roofs can be a durable and long-lasting roofing choice for most businesses. With proper maintenance, your flat roof can last for decades. Maintenance, however, sometimes includes a few repairs to keep your flat roof in optimal shape. You can avoid premature roof replacement by getting flat roof repair in Moon, PA today. You can […]

Commercial Roofing Services West Mifflin, PA

No matter what your commercial roofing need is, Capital Coating has got you covered. Why waste time shopping around for a trusted contractor that provides all of the commercial roofing services in West Mifflin, PA that you may ever need to be done, when you can simply make one call. Capital Coating has the perfect […]

Commercial Roofing Services Moon, PA

Your commercial roof can be one of your most valuable business assets. It can also be one of the areas of your business that you can save the most money or waste the most money. Fortunately, there are some very cost-effect commercial roofing services in Moon, PA that can save you thousands of dollars this […]