Roof Inspection, Hagerstown, MD

Hiring a professional to inspect your roof can give you valuable insight into the health of your roof and the source of any performance issues. A lack of proper maintenance and regular inspections are common causes of premature roof aging and failure. Periodic roof inspections and professional maintenance can go a long way toward correcting problems early on, increasing the life expectancy of your roof by a significant amount.

Call Capital Coating at (717) 442-0979 to speak to one of our customer service representatives about scheduling your regular roof inspection and maintenance program today. We proudly serve property owners and building managers in Hagerstown, MD, and beyond.

Maryland’s Best Roof Inspection Program

A comprehensive inspection from Capital Coating involves much more than a cursory visual inspection of your commercial roof. Our process is designed to catch even the smallest of problems, and goes beyond simple repairs to include the creation of a roof history and ongoing collaboration between clients and contractor:

Physical Observation – One of our expert technicians will examine your roof from ground level and by scaling the roof. We will look over every inch of the roof to look for the following:

  • Material flaws
  • Deterioration
  • Standing water
  • Debris
  • Punctures/rips/tears
  • Damage from foot traffic
  • Clogged drains
  • Ice dams
  • Flashing damage
  • Stability of HVAC equipment
  • And much more!

Written Record – We not only inspect your roof, but we meticulously catalogue every finding, along with photographic evidence, so you get a clear picture of what’s going on. You receive a written report describing the condition of the roof, along with a list of problems and suggested solutions.

Contractor-Client Collaboration – Our employees are friendly and courteous, and will help you understand your roof and your options. We strive to include a range of solutions to meet every need and budget so you can take charge of your roof’s health and customize your maintenance approach.

Long-Term Maintenance Plans

When it comes to keeping your commercial roof healthy, the first step is a robust, preventative maintenance plan. After all, the best defense is a good offense. Let Capital Coating be part of your team.

Our ongoing maintenance contracts are completely customizable – you choose how often inspections occur and what they include. Benefits of our maintenance plans include:

  • Keep your roof operating at optimal efficiency as long as possible
  • Identify and treat problems while they are small and simple
  • Help your roofing professional become familiar with the condition of your roof
  • Plan for future expenses
  • Create a history of your roof’s condition for insurance purposes

Don’t Wait For An Emergency!

The best time to schedule a roof inspection and begin a regular maintenance program for your commercial roof is now. Too often, building owners and managers wait until an emergency occurs to call us, when damages are catastrophic and repairs are complicated and expensive. While Capital Coating is equipped to handle emergency situations, we prefer to keep our customers’ roofs in great shape so we can avoid major repairs.

Don’t wait for harsh weather or aging roofing materials to do their worst. Contact Capital Coating today to get the best defense we can offer – Capital Coating’s roof inspections and roof maintenance plans offer the ultimate level of protection for all types of commercial roofs. Schedule your first inspection, and give our unparalleled service a try!

Commercial Roofing Companies Lebanon, PA

As a business owner, trying to find a commercial roofing company that you can trust to keep your commercial building in shape is vital. When a roof is installed correctly, they can last you decades. However, you should still have your roof inspected consistently and keep up to date on small repairs. As a total-service roofing company, Capital Coating handles all different kinds of commercial roofing services. We are the top roofing company for clients in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania area. Contact us today at (717)-442-0979, for a free onsite estimate.

Form a Long-Term Business Relationship

Our goal at Capital Coating is to provide superior services and keep a solid professional relationship with our customers. We are a very reliable commercial roofing company and our clients have great trust in us, which is why we have formed many long-term business relationships in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania area. Our dedication to our clients is unlike any other.

Services we Provide

At Capital Coating we provide all the roofing services for commercial and residential roofs. These services are metal roof repairs, SPF systems, flat roof repairs, single-ply roofing, fabric reinforced systems, roof inspections, roof coatings, and many more. So whatever you need when it comes down to roofs, we have it all.

Aside from repairing, restoring, or replacing your roof and making it waterproof for many years, we also provide our clients with energy-efficient roofing options. With a simple roof coating, your business can save close to 30% on your A/C bills. This is because of the seamless membrane. It sticks to the surface of your commercial roof and will return most of the sun’s rays. This inexpensive and easy-to- install option will extend your roofs life by 10+ years and it will save you a whole bunch of money throughout the lifespan of your roof.

Contact us Today

Capital Coating provides individualized attention from a team full of skilled technicians. Clients in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania area that need our expert help should contact us at (717)-442-0979. We guarantee that we will get the job done properly the first time.

Flat Roof Replacement, Hagerstown, MD

At Capital Coating, Inc., we understand that finding out your flat commercial roof needs to be replaced is never welcome news. Installing a new roof can be a costly, time-consuming, and messy project. If you suspect it may be time to replace your roof, call Capital Coating, the flat roof replacement experts for Hagerstown and surrounding Maryland cities.

Our roofers are factory trained and certified. We offer free on-site estimates, so you can count on an accurate assessment and get on your way to a beautiful new roof as soon as possible. Call us today at (717) 442-0979.

We Offer All Types Of Flat Roof Systems!

Capital Coating can repair and install all types of flat roofing systems:

  • Built-up (BUR)
  • Modified bitumen
  • EPDM (rubber)
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Single-ply
  • And more!

Many of today’s flat roof systems are highly durable, energy efficient, and long-lasting. Our knowledgeable technicians can answer all your questions about what system is right for you. Capital Coating installs a range of flat roofs, designed to meet every client’s needs, goals, and budget. 

Flat Roof Overlays VS Replacement

Before we begin the roof replacement process, one of our experienced contractors will carefully inspect your entire roofing system. This assessment may include the following:

  • A test cut to check the health of your flat roof materials, from top to bottom
  • An inspection of all roof flashings for deterioration or leaking
  • An evaluation of seams for strength and water penetration
  • A comprehensive assessment of roof attachment points

A thorough inspection helps us make sure we recommend the correct treatment – whether it be a simple repair, restoration, or replacement. If the time has come for a new roof, Capital Coating offers two options:

1) Flat Roof Overlays

A roof overlay involves keeping the existing roof system in place and covering it with a new layer of membrane. This is a good option for roofs that need to be replaced but have minor damages. Existing problems are treated before the new membrane is installed.

2) Flat Roof Tear Off and Replacement

If your existing roof is in poor condition or if the current system is incompatible with the new flat roof that will be installed (or if your roof cannot support the weight of an added layer of material), your roof will need to be torn off and completely replaced.

Why Choose Capital Coating

Capital Coating, Inc. has been serving the Hagerstown area for more than 20 years, providing quality flat roof solutions alongside unparalleled customer care. We guarantee you won’t find a better flat roof replacement specialist anywhere. We also service clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Choose Capital Coating because:

  • We are experts in flat roof repairs, restoration, and installations.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • We offer competitive warranties.
  • We place a high priority on customer care and satisfaction.
  • We use only the highest quality roofing products.
  • We provide free, written estimates.
  • We use highly skilled, certified technicians.
  • We offer energy efficient solutions.

Contact us today at (717) 442-0979 to get your complimentary estimate or learn more about our flat roof replacement services.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Frederick, MD

If you’re in Frederick, MD and you are in search of a premier commercial roofing contractor, Capital Coating has you covered with a number of cost-effective roofing solutions. We’re known for our high-quality craftsmanship and for our ability to improve a building’s energy-efficiency. For a free onsite estimate, you can reach us today at (717) 442-0979.

About Capital Coating

We’re a professional commercial roofing company that does things the right way. That’s why we make sure that our whole team is licensed and insured before we begin a project. Capital Coating provides world-class customer service. When you work with us, communication is never an issue.

If you have a roof with a membrane that has started to deteriorate, Capital Coating can restore your roof. This is the best way to get a longer-lasting roof and avoid the imminent need for a roof replacement. One of our roof coatings will provide seamless protection to your roof. Plus, this lightweight membrane is reflective which can greatly improve the energy-efficiency of your commercial building.

Quality Materials

You could hire the best roofers in the world to work on your roof, but it won’t mean much unless they are also using quality roofing materials. Capital Coating offers services at great prices, but we don’t settle for poor materials. Our goal is to make your roof last as long as possible which is why we stick with roofing products from trusted companies like Conklin.

Capital Coating has over 20 years’ worth of service records. Our experienced roofing technicians have worked on all sorts of projects. No matter what type of commercial roof you have or what kind of service it needs, count on us for the best craftsmanship around. We offer honest roofing advice and we personalize roofing solutions to better suit the roofs of our clients.

Call Us Today!

Knowing the number of a reliable commercial roofing contractor is extremely valuable for any building owner. Capital Coating helps the people of Frederick, MD save money. We’ll get the most out of your commercial roof and make it so you don’t need to spend more time dealing with its issues. To find out more, give us a call today at (717) 442-0979.

Commercial Roofing Services Frederick, MD

Capital Coating is an industry-leading company that provides commercial roofing services to clients across the Northeast. If you’re in Frederick, MD and you are in search of a trustworthy commercial roofing contractor, give us a call at (717) 442-0979. From roof inspections to roof replacements, Capital Coating provides high-quality services at great prices.

Why Capital Coating?

Capital Coating is an established commercial roofing company that always offers honest advice to clients. We use only high-quality roofing products. Our certified roofing technicians are all insured, licensed, and meticulous.

Roof Inspections

Getting your roof inspected on a regular basis is important if you want your roof to last as long as possible. Regular roof inspections from a reputable company like Capital Coating will keep your roof in good condition. We’ll notice developing roof issues early on so that we can prevent them from causing harm to your roof, building, or the belongings within.

Roof Repairs

With over two decades of service records, the team at Capital Coating has repaired a huge number of roofs over the years. Nothing surprises us anymore. We know how to handle a huge range of roof problems and have experience working on all types of commercial roofs. Trust us to get the job done right even if contractors before us have failed to do so.

Roof Restoration

When it comes down to it, many building owners are stuck with a roof that needs to either be replaced or restored. It’s not optimal to continue to repair a roof that is destined to keep leaking. However, replacing a roof that can potentially be effectively restored is also a poor decision. Capital Coating can make roof leaks a thing of the past with a roof coating. We offer these roof coatings at competitive prices.

Call Us Today!

You can reach Capital Coating at (717) 442-0979 to find out more about our commercial roofing services. We are excited to work with more people in Frederick, MD. If none of our repairs, maintenance, or restoration services will work to fix up your roof, you can count on us for a mistake-free roof replacement. Whatever you hire us for, you’ll be happy with our high-quality workmanship and great customer service.

Commercial Roofing Services Lebanon, PA

Capital Coating is the only business you will need to contact for any of your commercial roofing needs. Our long-list of commercial roofing services are offered to you at competitive prices. With a team of highly-skilled roofing specialists, you can be sure that Capital Coating will provide you with only the best roofing services. Call us today at (717)-442-0979 to get a free onsite estimation.

Why Choose Capital Coating?

At Capital Coating we put countless amounts of care and attention into each assignment. This contains personalizing roofing solutions for every customer. Our friendly customer care means that our clients will be kept up to speed. We are a quality-driven business that works hard to give our clients 100% satisfaction with their roofing needs.

Services we Provide

At Capital Coating we offer roof restorations, replacements, repairs, and much more. After our professionals inspect your roof, they will know exactly what service will work for your unique roofing needs. Our team will be glad to run you through the options and answer your questions about the project.

Roof Restoration

Many people unsuspectingly get tricked into replacing their roof fully when it is pointless. A top company like Capital Coating always tries to save our clients money. We will tell you if your roofs problem can be restored so that the material, cost, and labor doesn’t go unused.

Roof Coatings

Our roof coatings frequently do the trick. The safe service is lightweight, easy-to-apply, and very affordable. The seamless layer not only prevents water from getting into your building/roof, but it also reflects a large amount of the sun’s heat. This makes your building be more energy-efficient.

Full Roof Replacements

Of course when it comes to the big projects, we are still going to be there for you. Even though full roof replacements are known for being expensive and stressful, Capital Coating will guarantee a smooth and professional procedure. We are a company that is very familiar with working on and installing all different types of commercial roofs.

Contact us Today

Capital Coating has got you covered for commercial roofing jobs of all sizes. Listed above are some commercial roofing services that are available to clients in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. If you have questions or if you would like our service call us today at (717)-442-0979 to get a free onsite estimation.

Commercial Roofing Companies Frederick, MD

Have you had some bad experiences with commercial roofing companies in the past? There are a lot of contractors out there that can talk a big game but are really just looking to knock through as many jobs as possible with little attention to quality. Capital Coating is the opposite. We have earned a great reputation in Frederick, MD and we’re looking to keep it that way. For high-quality roofing services, give us a call at (717) 442-0979.

A Team With Experience

Be wary of new commercial roofing companies. They have yet to prove themselves or show a commitment to the industry. Capital Coating has two decades worth of service records. We’re an established company that has gained valuable experience over the years. We are more qualified than ever to fix up, restore, and install commercial roofs.

As a full-service company, Capital Coating is not picky about the jobs that we take. You can count on us for a simple small repair to a full roof replacement. Regardless of the magnitude of the project or the client that hires us, our guys are going to give it their best. We don’t put out low-quality work because we don’t want anything low-quality to ever be associated with the Capital Coating name.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is one of the major ways that we help our clients save a significant amount of money on their commercial roofs. We know this industry and we know that a large number of commercial roofs are replaced prematurely. This is essentially flushing money down the drain. Get the most out of those precious roofing materials that you have already paid to have installed with a roof coating.

Roof coatings are your best friend when you just can’t be bothered paying to have your roof replaced quite yet. A roof coating is affordable and can be installed quickly when you go with a company that knows what they are doing. This protective membrane also helps to combat harmful UV rays which will help to lower your building’s energy costs.

Call Us Today!

Capital Coating continues to raise the bar for other commercial roofing companies in the area. We’re the top choice for those with a commercial building in Frederick, MD. To schedule a free onsite roof evaluation, all you need to do is call us at (717) 442-0979.

Rubber Roof Repair Frederick, MD

Rubber roofs have been known to last over 50 years before needing to be replaced. However, unless you’re super lucky, it will take a decent amount of upkeep for your roof to reach this milestone. If your roof could use a rubber roof repair, call Capital Coating at (717) 442-0979. We provide all types of commercial roofing services to people in Frederick, MD.

Roof Inspections

Part of the reason people love rubber roofs is because they are relatively low-maintenance. However, no roof is invincible. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your rubber roof inspected on a regular basis from a reputable company like Capital Coating. These roof inspections will help prevent serious issues from developing on your rubber roof.

With regular roof inspections, your roof will get the attention it needs at exactly the right time. This includes repairs, maintenance, restoration, and the eventual roof replacement. Capital Coating has all the tools and expertise to get the most out of your rubber roof so that you wind up saving time and money.

Restore Your Rubber Roof!

Are you tired of scheduling repairs but you don’t necessarily want to deal with replacing your rubber roof just yet? Capital Coating can install a roof coating onto your rubber roof to restore its condition. A roof coating provides seamless protection and can greatly extend the life of your rubber roof. This reflective membrane will also improve the energy-efficiency of your building!

Our Rubber Roof Repairs

After we’ve thoroughly evaluated your roof and pinpointed all of its issues, our skilled craftsmen will be ready to repair it properly. Where other contractors may have failed to repair your rubber roof, we will not thanks to our years of experience. Too many people choose to replace their commercial roofs too early simply because they did not hire the right company to repair it!

Call Us Today!

The team at Capital Coating looks forward to fixing up more roofs in Frederick, MD. Whether you are looking to hire someone for a rubber roof repair or a full roof replacement, we’re the top company around. To schedule a day for us to come by and evaluate your roof, give us a call at (717) 442-0979.

Roof Maintenance Frederick, MD

Capital Coating is the top choice for people in Frederick, MD who are in search of a trustworthy commercial roofing company. You can hire us to get the most out of your roof with our high-quality roof maintenance skills. We can customize a maintenance plan for your roof that will add decades to its lifespan. Call (717) 442-0979 to schedule a free onsite roof evaluation from Capital Coating.

Extend The Life Of Your Roof!

Keeping up on necessary roof maintenance can be the difference between a roof that lasts 20 years and a roof that lasts 50 years. If you can avoid a couple of roof replacements in your lifetime through some simple roof maintenance, it’s well worth it. The labor and material costs involved with getting a new roof are very high. With timely roof maintenance, you’ll get your money’s worth out of the roof that you have already paid to have installed.

Capital Coating is an experienced company that knows how to maintain the condition of a roof. We’re aware of what to look out for. From roof membrane deterioration to ponding water, the team at Capital Coating will help you avoid the potential disasters that occur from water damage.

Roof Inspections

In order to stay on top of any necessary maintenance, you should have your roof inspected a couple of times per year. The snow and ice in the winter and hot sun and rain in the summer can take a serious toll on any type of roof. Capital Coating offers thorough roof inspections that will help you from needing to replace your roof too early.

If your roof has started to age and roof leaks are becoming a regular occurrence, Capital Coating can restore your roof in a timely and affordable fashion. This seamless layer will improve the condition of your roof and keep it from leaking for years. It’s an affordable service that will also improve the energy-efficiency of your building.

Call Us Today!

For roof maintenance and other services, call Capital Coating at (717) 442-0979. Our team looks forward to working for more people in Frederick, MD. We’re one of the top commercial roofing companies in all of the Northeast!

Roof Inspection Frederick, MD

Capital Coating is the top full-service commercial roofing company in Frederick, MD. When you’re looking to get a roof inspection, call us at (717) 442-0979. Our skilled roofing technicians will be able to get more years out of your roof by staying a step ahead of any necessary repairs, maintenance, and other necessary services.

Problem Prevention

When you have your roof inspected on a regular basis, you’re essentially preventing major roof issues from having a chance to develop. A lot of the time, roof leaks and rot are due to roof neglect. When you hire Capital Coating to inspect your roof, we will recognize things like loose flashing, ponding water, and separation at the seams.

With us keeping tabs on your roof, we’ll be able to provide your roof with timely services. This includes repairs, restoration, and more. Don’t let your roof wither away with age. Capital Coating will maximize the potential lifespan of your roof which means you will save money and be able to avoid stressful and disruptive replacements for longer.

Why Capital Coating?

For any type of roofing service, it’s important to hire the right contractor. Capital Coating is an established company that has earned the trust of many around the area. Our guys are all insured, licensed, and qualified to work on all types of commercial roofs. We’ll recognize what kinds of services your roof needs and offer them at great prices.

Many roofs are in serious need of restoring. A roof coating is highly effective at reinforcing a roof and providing seamless protection. Capital Coating provides affordable roof coatings that can add over a decade more to your existing roof. It’s a cost-effective solution to a roof that has seen better days. Plus, a roof coating will significantly improve the energy-efficiency of your building!

Call Us Today!

Capital Coating is the most trusted commercial roofing company around. We provide all kinds of commercial roofing services to the people of Frederick, MD. To schedule a roof inspection, give Capital Coating a call at (717) 442-0979. With Capital Coating, you can expect flawless workmanship and timely project completion. Our customer service is also world-class which makes it extremely easy to work with us.