Commercial Roofing Services Greensburg, PA

Capital Coating provides a wide range of commercial roofing services for clients in Greensburg, PA. We’ve been in the business for over a quarter century and over that time we’ve proven to be one of the top commercial roofing contractors in the Northeast. To get a free onsite estimate, call us at (717) 442-0979.


At Capital Coating, we are always recommending clients to have their roof inspected regularly. Two roof inspections per year will save you time, money, and stress. These regular roof inspections means issues with your roof won’t have time to develop into costly ones. Our inspections and roof leak detections are extremely thorough since our team of roofing experts have decades of experience in diagnosing roofs.


Repairs are Capital Coating are affordable and long-lasting. We work with all types of commercial roofs, including metal, EPDM, TPO, and more. When we come to inspect your roof, we’ll let you know what we believe to be your best option, whether that means a repair, restoration, or full roof replacement.

Roof Coatings

As you may have guessed, Capital Coating specializes in roof coatings. This service is one of the most cost-effective solutions out there. With a roof coating, you can prolong the need for a full roof replacement and get 10+ years more out of your roof. Plus, roof coatings have high levels of reflectivity which will help your A/C out and can mean big savings on energy bills.

Full Roof Replacements

Of course, when repairs and restoration services are no longer viable options, a full roof replacement may be in order. Capital Coating handles jobs of all sizes, from small roof repairs all the way down to full roof replacements. Our team of expert roofing technicians will install your new roof the right way so that it will last you decades.

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These are just some of the many commercial roofing services that we offer at Capital Coating. We’re the top company available to clients in Greensburg, PA. Whether you need a roof inspection, repair, single-ply roofing, roof coatings, etc., we have you covered! For a no obligation estimate, call Capital Coating at (717) 442-0979.

Commercial Roofing Companies Greensburg, PA

Commercial building owners should know the value of finding a commercial roofing company that they can trust for years to come. Even roofs that are installed perfectly will likely require maintenance and repairs over the years. On top of that, it’s always a good idea to have a company on call to inspect your roof regularly and make sure everything is in order.

Capital Coating is the best commercial roofing company around for clients in Greensburg, PA. We offer a variety of commercial roofing services, from roof inspections all the way down to full roof replacements. We offer free onsite roof evaluations; just call us at (717) 442-0979 to make an appointment.

About Us

Capital Coating has been around for over two decades. Prior to starting the company, our founder Mervin Fisher already had 10 years of industry experience. In other words, Capital Coating is a company built on knowledge and experience. We’re a quality-driven company that does things the right way. When you hire us, you can expect excellent communication, professionalism, and expert craftsmanship.

We handpick each of our employees to make sure that they are qualified to uphold our high standards. Before we head onto the job site, we double check that all of our team members are fully licensed and insured. Our attention to detail does not waiver between clients; we put our best foot forward for each and every project.

“Green” Roofing Solutions

At Capital Coating, we see the tremendous benefits of environmentally-friendly roofing solutions. Not only are these solutions beneficial for our planet but they are also beneficial for your wallet. A roof coating, for example, will fully restore your roof while lowering your energy bills up to 30%.

This affordable and effective restoration service pays for itself quite quickly. The reflectivity of the membrane protects your roof and building from UV damage and heat from the sun’s rays. It also will patch up your existing roof and prolong its lifespan for 10+ years.

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As the highest rated commercial roofing company around, Capital Coating is the top choice for clients in Greensburg, PA. We have you covered for any type of commercial roofing service that you may be in need of. You can reach us at (717) 442-0979 to get a free estimate.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Greensburg, PA

Since the early 1990’s, Capital Coating has steadily built a reputation for as a trustworthy and talented commercial roofing contractor. We’ve been spearheading the industry in the Northeast by providing clients with high-quality roofing solutions. Our service area includes clients in Greensburg, PA. For more information on our services, or to schedule a free onsite roof evaluation, you can reach us at (717) 442-0979.


At Capital Coating, we understand how important it is to keep clients in the loop. When you hire us, you can expect frequent communication and updates to ensure that the job gets done the way you were hoping. We work with our clients to create a roofing plan that caters to them.


With a wealth of industry experience, Capital Coating does not make rookie mistakes. Instead, our services are done the right way the first time around. We are experts in every aspect of the commercial roofing process, from communication all the way to the actual craftsmanship. You’ll never find an employee of ours working on the job site that isn’t fully licensed and insured.

We’re Here For You!

Whether or not your roof is in good condition, every commercial building owner should have the number of a roofing contractor that they can trust. Capital Coating can provide you with regular roof inspections and take care of any necessary maintenance and repairs on your commercial roof. At Capital Coating, we strive to form long term business relationships with our clients.


Generally speaking, restoring your roof is better than getting a full roof replacement. Restoration services like roof coatings are not only significantly more affordable than a full roof replacement but they are also less distracting. While a full roof replacement is a big and disruptive process, a roof coating can be applied quickly and easily while still effectively keeping your roof and building watertight.

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Capital Coating is a trustworthy company that clients can count on for years to come. Clients in Greensburg, PA should hire us to keep their commercial building in tip-top shape. For a free estimate on any type of roofing service, call us today at (717) 442-0979.

Single-Ply Roofing Greensburg, PA

Single-ply roofing is a common commercial roofing solution that has been around for decades. It’s popular for being affordable, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Plus, many types of single-ply roofing are quite environmentally-friendly. Capital Coating has been working with all types of single-ply roofing since the 1990s. Clients in Greensburg, PA in need of a single-ply roofing repair, replacement, maintenance, etc. can give us a call at (717) 442-0979.

Advantages To Single-Ply Roofing

First off, single-ply roofing is quite lightweight which is always a huge bonus to your entire building. Single-ply roofing has very few seams which means there are hardly any weak spots for water to get in. In general, this type of roof is easy to repair and maintain. It’s an extremely cost-effective solution that is flexible enough to be applied to uneven roof surfaces.


This single-ply roofing solution is usually the most affordable option. EPDM is also known as rubber roofing. Rubber is an environmentally-friendly roofing solution because the material can be fully recycled. EPDM roofs are capable of lasting over 4 decades. These roofs are simple to repair and maintain and are resistant to the elements as well as extreme changes in temperature.


PVC single-ply roofing is known for being extremely chemical resistant. It also has one of the easiest installation processes which means you won’t need to stress about getting your new roof up. The material itself is quite flexible which makes it an ideal choice for uneven roof surfaces.


This is one of the newer types of single-ply roofing. A TPO roof is the most energy-efficient choice. Its high level of reflectivity will keep your building cooler and save you up to 30% on your air conditioning bills. It’s a durable type of single-ply roofing and a rare mixture of affordable and long-lasting.

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Capital Coating is the company for you if you’re looking for the most experienced and trustworthy contractor around. We provide clients in Greensburg, PA with all sorts of single-ply roofing services. You can reach us at (717) 442-0979 for a free onsite roof evaluation.

Roof Leak Detection Greensburg, PA

Capital Coating handles a range of commercial roofing services for clients in Greensburg, PA. Among our many services is roof leak detection. Our thorough roof leak detections will find any and all issues with your roof to keep your building watertight for years to come. Call us today at (717) 442-0979 to schedule an appointment.

Our Roof Leak Detections

The first thing we do when we visit your roof is take an overview of its current status. From there we do a thorough inspection of each part of your roof, from the cap to the flashing. We also check to make sure that your drainage system is performing properly to avoid any ponding water on your roof.

Our Team

At Capital Coating, our team members have decades of experience. They are experts of the trade and fully qualified to diagnose a roof. We have experience with all sorts of roofs, including metal, asphalt, EPDM, and more.

The Importance Of Roof Inspections

Getting regular roof inspections is one of the most effective ways to pay less on your roof and worry less. Regular roof inspections stop problems in their tracks before they can cause major damage. This means that repairs are kept small and easy and you can avoid costly damage to your roof as well as your building’s interior.

Aside from keeping repairs easy and affordable, regular roof inspections will also extend the life of your roof. An expert company like Capital Coating will be able to recommend certain types of maintenance or restoration services at exactly the right time. Plus, you’ll be spending less time dealing with major services.

Customized Maintenance Programs

Capital Coating works with clients to create customized maintenance programs for their roof. This will greatly prolong the life of your roof and prevent leaks and other issues from sprouting up. We always give the same amount of care and attention to each of our clients!

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Capital Coating offers the most thorough and effective roof leak detection around. We’re the top commercial roofing contractor for clients in Greensburg, PA. Give us a call at (717) 442-0979 and we’ll swing by to have a look.

Roof Coating Hermitage, PA

Roof coatings are becoming more and more popular these days as building owners and contractors begin to realize the numerous advantages. At Capital Coating, we specialize in restoration services like roof coatings. Our service area includes clients in Hermitage, PA. For a free estimate on your roof coating, call us at (717) 442-0979.


Getting a roof coating saves you money in a number of ways. A roof coating is a solid alternative to getting a costly full roof replacement. Even if your roof isn’t in the best condition, a roof coating will restore it so that you don’t need to keep paying to have it repaired. The service is quick and easy with the added benefit of not being disruptive to your business.

A Roof Coating Is A “Green” Solution

Roof coatings are intentionally reflective to prevent the sun from heating up your building. This means paying a lot less on your energy bills. It doesn’t take long for this service to more than pay for itself. Plus, you can feel good about making your building more environmentally-friendly.


A roof coating is simply a thin membrane that coats the surface of your roof which means you won’t be adding more weight that would cause stress to the structure of your roof and building. Roof coatings can be reapplied over the years without a problem. The membrane is totally seamless which leaves no weak points for water to get in.

Our Products

Capital Coating makes sure to only use the best materials for our clients’ roofs. We use time-tested Conklin roofing products. Conklin has been around for a long time and they are undoubtedly the most trusted provider out there for commercial roofing products. There are plenty of Conklin roofs installed in the 1970’s that are still going strong.

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Capital Coating is the top commercial roofing contractor available to clients in Hermitage, PA.  We’re experts at applying roof coatings and we specialize in restoring roofs back to new. Full roof replacements are far too common; a roof coating is often just as effective at a fraction of the cost. For an onsite roof evaluation, call Capital Coating at (717) 442-0979.

Flat Roof Repair Hermitage, PA

Flat roofs are extremely popular roofing systems for commercial buildings. They are known for being affordable, long-lasting, and durable. A flat roof can easily last over 40 years without needing to be replaced. However, over that time period you will likely need to have your flat roof maintained and repaired here and there. Capital Coating provides flat roof repairs to clients in Hermitage, PA. Call (717) 442-0979 and we’ll swing by to evaluate your roof.

The Signs

There are several things that may indicate the need for a flat roof repair, and not all of them are as obvious as leaking water. It’s always better to catch problems as early as possible before the damage is able to spread. Look for any cracks, punctures, or bubbles in your roof’s membrane. Separation at the seams can be easily repaired but can cause serious damage if neglected.

Any loose flashing can cause major issues down the road as well. If your roof has ponding water, you’ll want to call an expert. Ponding water means that your flat roof’s drainage system is not performing properly. Capital Coating offers complimentary roof inspections so we can swing by to check on your roof and let you know whether you need a flat roof repair, maintenance, restoration, or possibly a full roof replacement.

Our Flat Roof Repairs

Capital Coating was established in the 1990’s and we’ve seen our fair share of flat roofs over the past 25+ years. We are experienced with repairing all kinds of flat roofs, including EPDM, TPO, and more. In general, flat roofs are some of the easiest to repair and maintain. However, finding the leaks can be difficult because water travels unpredictably on a flat roof. That’s why you need to hire an experienced company like Capital Coating that you can trust to handle your flat roof repair.

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If you have been dealing with flat roof issues for a while now, consider getting a roof coating. This service will completely restore your roof as the seamless membrane covers the surface of your existing roof to protect it from water and the elements. Capital Coating provides flat roof repairs, roof coatings, and other services to clients in Hermitage, PA. To get a free roof diagnosis, call us today at (717) 442-0979.

Commercial Roofing Companies Hermitage, PA

Having the number of a reliable commercial roofing company is invaluable for commercial building owners. Capital Coating is a local company that has earned a spot among the top contractors in the Northeast. Clients in Hermitage, PA can reach us at (717) 442-0979 for a free onsite roof evaluation.

Our Goal

At Capital Coating, total client satisfaction will always be our number one priority. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is, our team of qualified roofing technicians do things the right way. Unlike other companies, we don’t take shortcuts. When you hire us you can rest assured knowing that our roofing solutions will hold up in the long term.

About Capital Coating

The team at Capital Coating has decades of industry experience. Our roofers are always properly licensed and insured should anything happen on the job site. We’re a quality driven company with over 20 years of service records.

“Green” Roofing Solutions

Did you know that you can pay for an effective roofing solution and actually end up saving money in the long run? Capital Coating offers several environmentally-friendly roofing systems that not only keep your roof and building watertight but also makes your building more energy-efficient. The reflectivity of our roof coatings, for example, keeps your building cooler which will save you a significant amount of money on A/C.

We believe that more often than not, restoring your roof is better than replacing it. With new restoration products on the market, you can prolong the life of your existing roof for longer. Restoring your roof is significantly cheaper, less wasteful, and less disruptive to your business than a full roof replacement.

Customized Roofing Plans

At Capital Coating, we’re known for maintaining a high level of communication with our clients. We like to make sure that we are always on the same page. When you hire us, we’ll create a customized roofing plan that is tailor made for you.

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Capital Coating is the lead commercial roofing company for clients in Hermitage, PA. The list of services that we provide goes on and on, from roof inspections all the way down to full roof replacements. For a free onsite estimate, give us a call today at (717) 442-0979.

Roof Leak Detection Hermitage, PA

Leaks can be tricky. Sometimes, you may not even know you have a leak while your roof is taking on water. Other times, you may know you have a leak but pinpointing exactly where it is can be quite the challenge. Capital Coating offers the most extensive roof leak detections around for clients in Hermitage, PA. To learn more about our services, feel free to give us a call at (717) 442-0979.

Thorough Roof Inspections

Leaks aren’t the only thing that we look for when we come to inspect your roof. We’ll check everything from your roof’s drainage system to the flashing. Loose flashing can cause massive problems down the road. Even if your roof isn’t leaking yet, we’ll fix up any areas that may lead to issues.

If our roofing technicians spot any moss or other sorts of vegetation growing on your roof, we’ll see what we can do about the excessive moisture. Meanwhile, ponding water is usually a sign that your roof’s drainage system is backed up. Finally, we’ll check for any issues on your roof’s membrane such as separation at the seams, cracks, holes, etc. Capital Coating is a full-service commercial roofing contractor, so we can help you with all of the above.

Consider A Roof Coating

If you’re tired of dealing with leaks from your old roof, don’t let that frustration cause you to get a full roof replacement prematurely. A roof coating can bring your existing roof back to 100% because the lightweight membrane is fully seamless and keeps water out. This service is significantly cheaper and easier than a full roof replacement. Plus, it’s less wasteful since you’ll be able to get over a decade more out of your roof.

If you’re not sold on getting a roof coating yet, wait till you hear about the money it can save you on energy bills. Roof coatings have been proven to chop down your energy bills up to 30% because of their reflectivity. When we come to inspect your roof, we’ll let you know whether or not a roof coating would be the best choice for your problem roof.

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Capital Coating is among the elite commercial roofing contractors in all of the Northeast. We provide roof leak detection and other services for clients in Hermitage, PA. Contact us today at (717) 442-0979.

Commercial Roofing Services Hermitage, PA

It’s always nice to work with a commercial roofing contractor that provides a wide range of commercial roofing services. This way, you always know who to call when you experience problems with you roof. Capital Coating is a prime example of a contractor that holds expertise in many areas of the industry. Clients in Hermitage, PA can call us at (717) 442-0979 for a free estimate on any type of commercial roofing service.


With decades of industry experience, our team of repair technicians are the best around at diagnosing and remedying a roof’s problems. Our repairs are efficient and affordable. When you choose the wrong company, you’ll often have to call again. Not with us — when we go to repair a roof, we make sure that we fully understand what’s causing the leaks or other problems so that we can provide a complete repair.


Capital Coating specializes in restoring roofs. Full roof replacements are often done prematurely. With new restoration services like roof coatings now available, you can often get a lot more life out of your roof before it needs to be tossed away. Roof coatings are cheap, easy to apply, and very effective when it comes to keeping your roof watertight. Plus, roof coatings will make your commercial building more energy-efficient.


Sure, there are times when it’s no longer worth trying to repair or restore your roof. When that time comes, Capital Coating is still there for you. We try to make the full roof replacement process as smooth as possible for our clients so they can get their business back on track.


There’s no better way to save on your roof than by taking preventative measures. Regular roof inspections will help you avoid those costly problems. Capital Coating’s roof inspections are incomparably thorough. If you have any leaks or any problems with your flashing, seams, drainage system, etc., we’ll find them and we’ll help you deal with them.

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Capital Coating is the one stop shop for commercial roofing services. When you build a business relationship with us, you’ll be relieved to know that we are always there for you when you’re in need of a repair, replacement, etc. For the top commercial roofing contractor around, clients in Hermitage, PA can reach us at (717) 442-0979.